Add Line Numbering To Word Documents

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Line numbering is one of my favorite features of my favorite text editor Notepad++. It makes referencing a section of the document really easy. Of course, there are a handful of ways to do so in a Microsoft Office Word document, but I still love setting up line numbering in the margins. Today’s computer tech tip explains how.

This tutorial applies to Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and perhaps earlier versions. It will likely be there in newer versions as well.

Open up the Page Layout tab from the Ribbon menu, click the Line Numbers button, then click on Line Numbering Options. If you’re using Word 2003 or older, go to File > Page Setup.

The Page Setup window opens up and you automatically see the Layout tab. Click the Line Numbers button on the bottom-right.

Place a checkmark to “Add line numbering” and then adjust the settings that appeal to you. By default, it Starts at: 1, From text: auto, Count by 1, and Restarts numbering each page. I suggest setting the numbering to Continuous.

There you have it – line numbering of your Word document within the margins. It just may speed up your ability to reference a section of the document, and the numbers don’t start at 1 on every new page.

Keep in mind that line numbering will be printed if you decide to print the document. Unless you intend them to be there, remember to disable line numbering before printing. You can do so quickly from the Line Numbers button on the Page Layout tab. Just set the option to None.

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