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Are you mistakenly zooming in or out while viewing a web page? Do you want to disable this feature but can’t find the settings? The method of doing it is pretty short and doesn’t involve downloading an extension. It’s actually hidden within Firefox’s configurations.

In the Address Bar, type in about:config and press ENTER. If this is your first time viewing the configuration page, you’ll see a warning that says “This might void your warranty!” Firefox doesn’t actually come with a warranty, but the developers want you to be careful with modifying other settings on that page. Making a mistake can mess up the browser. Click the button that says “I’ll be careful.”

A large list of options will now display. In the Filter text-box, type in percent to shorten the list of options.

Double-click the preference named zoom.maxPercent and change the value from 300 to 100. Now change the preference zoom.minPercent from 30 to 100.

After making the changes, restart the Firefox web browser and try to zoom using the option in the View menu or the shortcut key Ctrl ++ (control key, then plus key once). Even with the options still available in the View menu, you can no longer zoom Firefox without installing an add-on.

If you want to zoom again, revert the percent values for zoom.maxPercent and zoom.minPercent to 300 and 30, respectively. Then restart your web browser.

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