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The recent update to AVG Anti-virus Free 2011 also included an update to their LinkScanner tool, which you may have noticed if you’ve since posted a web address on Facebook. The text is automatically posted with your shared link and doesn’t display until you click the Share button.

To some, this is shameless self-promotion of the product. To others, it provides a sense of security for the posted link. There is an easy way to disable such display in future posts. Within AVG, go to the Tools menu and open up the Advanced Settings.

Within the Settings, open up the LinkScanner section and un-check the box to “Add ‘Secured by LinkScanner’ to any sent Facebook or MySpace message checked by LinkScanner.”

Although this won’t remove the “advertisement” from previously shared links, it will prevent future shared links from displaying the text. I encourage readers to look further into how LinkScanner works or other tools to help safely traverse the web, like Web of Trust (WOT).

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