Disable Firefox 4 Add-on Compatibility Checking

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This article only applies to FF 4-7. A newer article that applies to newer versions is found here.

If you have an old browser add-on that isn’t yet compatible with the latest Firefox release, the Add-on Manager will let you know. The add-on will be disabled with the Enable button blocked out, so what can you do?

You have two options. You can wait for the add-on’s developer to update the add-on, or you could disable add-on compatibility checking. Keep in mind that after making the change, the add-on may not work right.

  1. Open up Firefox’s Configuration page by typing about:config in the address bar. Read the prompt and click the button saying you’ll be careful. (See how to re-enable that warning prompt)
  2. Right-click on the page and go to New > Boolean
  3. For the preference name, copy/paste in the following: extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0
  4. Set the boolean value to False
  5. The new preference is now on the configuration page. All you have left to do is restart your web browser

Now any incompatible add-ons will be available again. At the top of the Add-on Manager, you’ll see a note that the Add-on compatibility checking has been disabled. If you click the “Enable” button, the preference you created will be deleted.

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