Firefox Add-ons, Which Do You Use?

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The fourth version of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is right around the corner. RC 2 was released yesterday and many of us are waiting anxiously for the full release. I’m curious to know what Firefox add-ons you have installed, which you couldn’t browse without, and whether you’re interested in the upcoming Firefox 4.0 release. Here’s my add-ons list.

General Use

  • Adblock Plus – Great for disabling adverts and other annoying site features like Google Instant. FF4 Available
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery – Recovers form information so I never lose a post due to browser or site error. FF4 Presently Unavailable
  • Load Tabs Progressively – Load a few tabs at a time to keep browser resources reasonable. I usually have 10+ tabs running at once. FF4 Available
  • Xmarks – Keeps my over 1,000 site favorites synchronized across multiple computers. FF4 Available

Web Development

  • ColorZilla – Advanced eye dropper and color picker to check and select color values. FF4 Available
  • Firebug – Easily debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript live on a web page. A must have for web developers. FF4 Presently Unavailable
  • FireFTP – A FTP client built into the web browser and has various security measures. FF4 Available
  • Web Developer – Quickly disable portions or whole Java, JavaScript, CSS, images, and forms, resize browser window, page validation, and more. FF4 Available

Firefox Options

  • Bug489729 – Disable the detach tab feature that was introduced in FF 3.5. FF4 Presently Unavailable
  • Element Properties – Adds the Properties item back to the context menu that was removed in FF 3.6. FF4 Available
  • Menu Editor – Customize browser menus including the right-click (context) menu. I disabled all the Send email and Open new window options. FF4 Available

Editor’s Notes: During the final phase of this article’s release, Firefox 4 had been released. You can download it here and also view a creative download statistics page.

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