Guest Posting

Last edited on May 4, 2015.

So you're thinking about publishing a guest post on Computer Tech Tips? That's great and I would love you to do so! There are some requirements which your article needs to adhere to, so follow the steps below and get in touch with me afterward. Keep in mind that you will not receive financial compensation for publishing an article at Computer Tech Tips.

Step 1

Before writing a guest post, first consider why you're doing it. Is it more to advertise your product/service/website, or are you actually interested in providing a helpful computer tech tip to the audience? If it's the latter, continue reading. Just like leaving an article comment, ask yourself whether you'd still be making that comment if your website link weren't supplemented. The quality of the article will be much greater if your motive is to educate rather than advertise.

You should already be an audience member of Computer Tech Tips to get a feel of the sort of articles I look to publish, the target people I look to reach, and the quality/style in which I write. I welcome fresh new ideas, but I don't want to stray far from the core.

Step 2

Get writing. You can ask me beforehand to clear an idea if you'd like, but that's not required. The article must be 100% unique - not published anywhere, Internet or otherwise. Any supplement material not done by you (quotes, graphics, etc.) must be properly cited in accordance with the owner's rules, with, at the minimum, a link to the source.

If you have a suggestion for the FeaturedImg that appears on the homepage & archive pages, that would be great too. If not, it's no problem and I'll handle it.

Step 3

At the end of the article, you can optionally include an author biography limited to a few lines of text. Links in the author's bio aren't NoFollow attributed. Your name will always appear as the author of the article and your bio is displayed below the article on the present website theme. Unless relevant, the article itself won't have a link to your website, just your biography section.

Note: Guest authors previously needed to create an account in the system in order for me to attribute their guest post to their name. This is no longer the case. You no longer need to create a system account to publish a guest post.

Step 4

Once the article is completed, send it over for review as either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf document. My email address is found on the Contact page.

If I like it, I'll send to you a Copyright Transfer form, which signifies you transfer complete ownership rights of the article to me. You'll return the form signed (either digitally, or in pen then scanned and sent via email) as a .pdf document, and only after that will it appear on the site.

After the article checks out and the Copyright Transfer form is sent back to me completed, I'll begin uploading your article. The direct link to the article will be emailed to you afterward for your convenience.

If everything I mentioned is acceptable to you, you're welcome to email me the article you're looking to publish. I'll review it and we'll go from there. If you have questions or suggestions about this process or Computer Tech Tips in general, you're free to ask. I thank you again for your interest and look to hear from you soon.

Important: If you are a mediator for someone interested in publishing an article, the process will work faster and smoother if you simply pass along this link to him or her. Thank you!