About Us

Mission Statement

  • To develop informative and helpful technology articles (with an emphasis on Windows-based software and web development) that appeal to people of beginner and advanced levels of information technology knowledge
  • To assist in troubleshooting information technology problems
  • To learn from our readers as they educate us, too


Computer Tech Tips is an information technology website which produces articles on topics like Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows-based software, removal of malicious software, and web development technologies. It is operated by a single individual known around these parts as Xps.

The present goals of Computer Tech Tips are to:

  • Engage our readership and encourage networking
  • Promote the idea of guest bloggers
  • Average 1k 5,000 page-views per month (6,510 visits & 8,492 page-views in Jan-Mar '13)

How It's Done

Production of Computer Tech Tips was technically started around Dec '09 - Jan '10 although the idea had been fermenting for a while beforehand. At this point, Xps began development of an xHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.1 template. After the template was deemed "mature," drafting of articles began. The first two articles were published on June 24, 2010 at a free WordPress.com blog (xps86.wordpress.com). 17 articles were published in full before they moved to their permanent locations. Now, it redirects to this website. It was around this time that the site template began conversion into a WordPress template and all the PHP coded pages were created.

On December 28, 2010, the domain and webhosting for ComputerTechTips.net was purchased and the website migrated from Xps' development site to its public location. The development of Computer Tech Tips is an ongoing process as new technologies and methodologies emerge.

The tools used in production include stable versions of:

Copyrighted materials used that require a notice:

  • RSS, Twitter, & email icons in the right menu were freely taken from the "PC 100 Icon Pack" by http://pc.de/ico/
  • The #tabs section of the right menu was created using free web resources available at www.elated.com which are copyright Elated Communications Ltd 1996-2011

Computer Tech Tips is proudly run by WordPress and hosted by Bluehost.

Disclosure: The above link and various advert banners to Bluehost are affiliate links in which I receive compensation if you use their service. However, I would still recommend their service if money were no issue because I'm a satisfied customer. The money is just a bonus; it's not a reason for my recommendation. I don't promote for money. I promote because I believe the service is good.