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Having a search box with quick access to your favorite search engine is standard among web browsers. Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera all have a dedicated box to the right of the Address bar. Google’s Chrome performs such searches from within the Address bar itself. Before they became standard, this feature was installed from toolbars or browser add-ons.

Needless to say, having this quick access to a search tool is very convenient. With a modified (check Method 1) as my homepage, I set as my Web Search tool. I’m constantly looking up words to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation.

As it stands right now, even in the latest Firefox 7 version, search queries will open up in the present tab instead of a new one. To keep my place, I always open up a new tab first before typing my dictionary query. Wouldn’t it be awesome to set the Firefox Web Search tool to automatically open in a new tab? Fortunately, we can.

  • 1.) Open up Firefox’s Configuration page by typing about:config in the address bar. Read the prompt and click the button saying you’ll be careful. (See how to re-enable that warning prompt)
  • 2.) Locate the preference
  • 3.) Simply double-click it to change the value from False to True

Although I do rag on Firefox a bit, especially concerning their recent interface and release-cycle changes, I still consider it my favorite web browser. The ability to make a simple adjustment like this makes my browsing experience more enjoyable. The simple things can add up and do make a difference

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