How Your Computer Can Badly Affect Your Broadband Internet

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Many people worry over the type of broadband Internet they choose. After a long period of worries and troubles, they end up choosing one which they perceive the best. When the Internet installation is done and they are up with the Internet on their computer, not too long after do they start experiencing problems with it.

The question that arises from this type of situation is whether the computer is not good or is it the broadband that sucks? This can appear confusing and problematic. But let me remind you, the broadband was very good at the beginning! How then could the broadband Internet have gone worse? The truth is that none of it is the problem, but the user! Since it’s the same computer that worked with the broadband Internet when it was very good that’s in question, then the computer is not that bad. It only requires some checks on the way the computer is being used.

In this post, we shall be looking at some way your computer can affect your broadband Internet.

Running too many programs at a time

One great mistake many computer users make is overworking their computer. Frankly speaking, I have used more than two computers that were all good from the beginning and ended up in a mess. You can imagine what could have transpired along the line. You can use a computer and your broadband Internet will remain intact for as long as you want if you maintain it very well.

Before you run another application on your computer, make sure the one you are working on has no relationship with the one you are about to run. Running too many programs at once can terribly affect your Internet; apart from that, your operating system can crash and cause you to lose your work.

Shutting down abnormally

There are different ways of shutting down a computer. Almost three different ways are common:

  1. Shutting down from the windows menu; which is the normal and best way to shut down a computer
  2. Shutting down from the power button on the computer hardware; which is not normal and should be a last resort
  3. Mostly very uncommon, unplugging the power directly from the electrical switch.

The #1 method is the only advisable way to shutdown a computer. This method allows every application and background programs to close before shutting down the system. By using this method, your computer will last longer and perform well than using the #2 and #3 methods.

The #2 method, which is very common among uneasy youths, can cause a lot of damage to your operating system as it does not give it the opportunity to close every program that is working on it before the computer goes off. Doing this continuously can jeopardize the performance of your computer and ruin your broadband Internet.

#3 method, which is not so common, is mostly done by kids and adults that operate their computer like every other electronic gadget in the home. This method is not only strange in the sense that it affects your operating system alone, but it is also dangerous to your hardware and can cause hazardous effect on anybody that uses this method.

Having a bad or no anti-virus installed

There is no system that is not prone to virus attack. You cannot be careful enough to avoid it without an anti-virus that is always kept up to date installed on your computer. Once there is virus on your computer, the performance of your computer will generally become very poor and this will also affect your broadband Internet performance. Install an anti-virus on your computer and scan it for viruses and spyware. Always make sure you also keep your anti-virus up to date because hackers are now programming viruses that combat even the popular anti-virus programs.

Viruses swimming in your computer

Another thing that can cause your computer to affect your broadband Internet is when there are thousands of virus swimming in your computer. The fact is, in such a state nothing can perform well on your computer. If you are in such a condition, install a very powerful anti-virus on your computer, you can make your choice between Avast anti-virus and AVG. Those are the two anti-viruses I can guarantee you for now.

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