Disable Yahoo’s Annoying Location Popup

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A short time ago, Yahoo introduced a new feature to the comment section of their articles allowing readers to view and click the commentator’s location in order to filter all comments by that location.

Why they felt this was a good feature, I don’t know. I do find it annoying, however, that a popup appears automatically, thereby hiding portions of comments, in order to introduce this new feature. I guess they believe not enough people understand that blue text is typically a link, and would otherwise be black had it not been hyperlinked.

It’s nice to know I’m not alone in finding the popup annoying. I’ve seen plenty of comments, even a full page of them in which readers rant about being unable to hide the popup. Fortunately, you’re all in luck because there is an easy way that works even after clearing your web browser’s cookies.

You will need to install a browser extension called Adblock Plus.

After you’ve installed and enabled it (the Stop sign will turn red), go into the Preferences, click the Filters menu, and click Add Filter.

Paste in the following filter and press Enter:


This annoying popup will immediately disappear

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